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Date Rape

Date Rape

In many cases of rape and sexual abuse, the predator is a man the woman is dating. This is commonly called Date Rape or Aquaintance Rape. These are the most common type of rape committed.




After Silence

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Dancing in the Darkness
I was sexually abused by my uncle when I was in second grade. The worst part about it is that my mother and grandmother blamed me for it, and they tried to make me confess to it. They made me very uncomfortable about it, and they intruded on me whenever I was taking a bath or getting undressed to try to make me admit that it was my fault. But I never did. I had nightmares that I could not explain for several years as a child. To this day, I do not know what happened exactly with this terrible man because I have repressed it, but I do know that I was molested. The worst part however is the fact that my family did not believe me and punished me.
by *&*&&*&**&* on 4 Feb 2006

I had no choice, I had to submit myself to do IT. He had a knife and held it up against me as he pushed me up against my bedroom wall. It was my mum's friend, we all trusted him. For years he had been manipulating me getting me to do things I didn't want to until one day he raped me. I was feeling all sorts of emotions and still am. I feel like it's all my fault even thought it's not. I haven't been able to tell any-one except my one best friend she has been supportive, trying to get me to go to the police station but somethings stopping me. He still comes to my house, as my mum doesn't know i feel sick inside me and queasy I can't look at him. I use any excuse to make sure I am not left alone with him. He phones me up and starts talking dirty. He made me preform such a disgusting act when he raped me. I've thought of telling my mum but with me being muslin I would be putting shame onto all my family, and they would blame me because he is a family friend. I'm scared of what they might say. I pray and pray to Allah that things get better but they just seem to get worse.

Thank you for listening
by Kirren on 4 Feb 2006

At 11 my best friends stepfather raped me. I went and stayed there for the night and he must have thought that I was an easy target. I'm 17 now and it has changed me life completely. I've only just told someone I can trust and started counseling, because it has become too much for me to deal with myself. Although I have dealt with it all by myself since that night. When he came in I didn't think that he was going to hurt me, I actually thought that he was protecting me. I thought that maybe someone was in the house, he was a cop so I had no reason not to trust him. Things got very wrong very quickly. When he sat on the bed next to me I knew that something wasn't right. He put his hand over my mouth and told me not scream and that if I did he would kill me and hurt Hannah (who was my best friend who was also in the room). I didn't say anything, I kept my mouth shut. He undressed me and then himself, at this point I closed my eyes, I didn't want to know what he was going to do to me. I felt the bed go down and then a terrible searing pain in my stomach when he inserted his penis. The pain was unbelievable, I've never felt anything like that before. It felt as though he was stabbing me several times. Then he lay down on me and I could hardly breath, but I didn't really care if I didn't get another breath, because at the time I thought that anything would be better than this. I let out a little scream of pain and for a second he stopped, he looked across the room at Hannah, she turned in our direction but she didn't wake up. He told me to shut up and I did. But then a made another noise, I don't even know where it came from or what it was, it was like a half whine, half scream. This noise woke Hannah up and she ran across the room and grabbed his arm, she tried to stop him but he just pushed her away with such a force that she fell too the ground and didn't get up again till later. He continued and when he was done he whispered in my ear, "You were the easiest girl I ever done this too, because you didn't fight back". He got up and picked Hannah up off the ground and threw her on her bed, this woke her up. He bent over and said " I've broken in your friend sweetie, she's all grown up now too." Then he removed her clothes and raped her too. I was scared of what had just happened, I didn't really know what it was but I was terrified and couldn't move. I just lay there in the bed and didn't do anything to help Hannah out like she did for me, but I just couldn't move. I've never been able to forgive myself for not helping her, even though this had been happening for a long time I still should have done something. After that night we never talked again and just moved further and further away from each other. I no longer see her anymore but I wish that we had contact because then we could help each other out in getting over this terrible pain. But I have help now and I'm finally starting to get my life back on track. Even though it has taken me almost 6 years to do something, I finally have and it has been working out so far. So I hope that this gives faith to others who have had this horrible action happen. It's never too late to ask for help and not matter what you do there will always be someone there to turn too. For me I haven't told my mother yet but I feel that one day when I'm stronger I will. Whether she believes me or not at least by then I'm hoping to have some closure on the issue. Never lose hope and believe in yourself. Know that you can fight this and put it behind you so that you can have life you were supposed to have, that you deserve to have!
by Kimberley on 1 Feb 2006

It's gonna feel weird I just know it .He's pacing the floor right now. I have been reading these stories. I can relate to a lot of then. He has no idea what I'm doing, he's pouring his coffee but in about ten minutes it'll happen again. He says I'm better than my mom and I'm the only one who can do it right. I wish I was dead. I am sorry.
by levon 1 Feb 2006

I was raped when I was 16 years old. It happened on my way home from a friends house. A guy I had dated early was driving by me and asked if I wanted a ride. I did, I was tired of walking. I got into the car, but considering my house was on the other side of town he said he wanted to take the freeway to get there. I didn't mind.In the car we kept up just a little bit of conversation, but not much. When we were turning off the freeway he pulled onto a road a different one than he was supposed to take. I just began looking around not thinking anything was wrong. It was dark out and he pulled over I didn't know where we were. He totally flipped the script on me he kept saying how beautiful he thought I was. And how he always thought that we should be together. I told him that it wasn't possible I had a boyfriend. I had already told him that when he was driving. I told him I was in love with my boyfriend. He seemed to get really pissed off. He hit the steering wheel and said that he never gets the good girls there always taken from him. I got worried and I got out of the car telling him I'd walk. He ran out after me telling me he was sorry that he'd take me home right now. I refused I told him that I just wanted to go home. He said that it was fine with him, but I needed my bag. I forgot he put it in the backseat. We walked back to the car and when I leaned to get in he pushed me all the way in. I asked him what he thought he was doing. I just kept saying that over and over again. Even as he was ripping off my shirt and ripping off my skirt and raping me. He raped and sodomized me. When he was done he threw clothes that he had in his trunk at me and made me put them on. Then he finally took me home. Then he had the nerve to come into my house with me to make sure I wouldn't say anything. Then had the nerve to stay there for about 4 hours until 11:30 my mom said he had to go. I was in pain that long and bleeding. I used a pad. I never told my parents because they thought of him like son. Always and still do. I got pregnant by him. I'm 18 and may baby girl, Marissa, is 1. He knows it's his daughter. He can't say we had sex because it would be considered statutory rape. I did though. Just a couple of days ago. He tried to say we had sex, but I told my mother it was rape. She's totally confused I guess I can only give her time.
by jackie on 30 Jan 2006

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