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Date Rape

Date Rape

In many cases of rape and sexual abuse, the predator is a man the woman is dating. This is commonly called Date Rape or Aquaintance Rape. These are the most common type of rape committed.




After Silence

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Dancing in the Darkness
Last summer I went across the line to a club and I took some pills. I was all messed up and I didn't know what I was doing. Then my friend left me alone with 4 guys and they knew I was messed up. So they took me outside and I was kind of in alert of what was happening. They hit me and try to tried to have sex with me, but I was sexually assaulted instead.
by BARBARAon 15 Sep 2004

It happened about 7 and a half years ago, I was being babysat by my oldest brother who I’ll call "ace" because my dad was out looking for my sister (who had ran away the week before). I was playing with my toys in my room when "ace" came in to the room. He said 'do you wanna see something really cool?' Being only 7, I said yeah so 'ace' took me in to his room and said to look out the window. "You see that? That's on the roof is called a condom. Wanna see one up close?" I couldn't really see the condom and I really wanted to see what one looked like so I said yes. 'Ace' then took me to our dads and step-mums room. He then opened a cupboard and pull out these things. I asked him what he was doing as he opened the condom packet. After he got the condom out, he handed it to me. 'Ace' walked to the bedroom door and locked it. He then said “take off your panties”. I knew something bad was going to happen because 'ace's' tone of voice had changed so I said no. 'Ace' then said “take off your panties or I’ll tell Mary (my sister) that you showed Luke your private parts.” So I did. Then he took off his pants and told me to suck his dick, I did because I didn’t want Mary to find out I showed Luke my privates. Ace then told me to stop and to lie in bed and open my legs. I yelled at him “no, now let my out, I wanna go and play with Gary” (my other brother). Ace said “if you don't, I’ll tell dad that you stole money from Lou ( my step-mum). So I did (I didn't like getting in to trouble with my step-mum because when I did she would beat me and my dad couldn't do anything about it because he was almost always at work because he was a cop.) Then as 'ace' entered me, I started crying and screaming and Gary heard. He ran up stairs and tried to get in to the door but it was locked. Gary kept yelling “ace let me in.” Gary kept trying to get in the door and was trying to bang it down. “Ace what are you doing to her?” Gary was also yelling. By the time Gary banged the door in, 'ace' was finished and I was sitting next to the bed hugging my knees crying. Ace then said to Gary “she's fine, lets go and play some football.” Then they both left. I sat there crying for about half an hour till I got up and went to my room and fell asleep hugging all my soft toys. I’m now 15 and this is the first time I’ve talked about it. Over the years there have been other times where I was almost raped. I now have nightmares about them and I’m cutting myself to make my pain go away, even if it’s for a little while.

Thank you for reading my story and if you ever want to email me my email is pyro_chick15@hotmail.com thanks again
by pyroon 15 Sep 2004

My story is like a lot of some on here Im not that good with words so Ill do the best I can.
Well it happened last year when I was 12. My friend invited me over to spend the night and watch movies and hang out; well I decided to go. Well I got there she told me how her brother was going to watch us since her parents went out to a friends party, well we had some pizza and we started to watch movies. So we finally went to bed at 12 am. I woke up at about 1 to hear the door to the guest room was in close and lock (I’m a really light sleeper) when I got my eyes to focus to see what t was I felt her brother move into the bed I was in he started to touch my breasts and rub up and down my front when I tried to pull away he slapped me, and pulled me closer I told him to stop and that I would tell his parents but he wouldn’t I got soo scared when he started to take of my clothes when he got my clothes of he took of his clothes and got on top of me I tried to get out but he was really strong and my brain went blank he started kissing me all over my body I kept telling him no and I started shaking all over. I remember him taking his penis and shoving it in me it hurt soo bad and I started to cry. He told me if I cried he would hurt me and tell everyone that I let him get in my pants. When I got wet it turned him on and so it hurt me even more. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t mind body just froze up so when he took it out of me I thought it was over put he turned me over and started to do anal it felt like I was going to black out. He did that for like an hour and then he started to give me oral. When he saw the flash of lights from his parent’s car in the driveway he got up like nothing had happened and took his clothes and went to his room. I was in total shock at what he ad just done. I couldnt sleep at all that night.
Well in the morning I put on new clothes and put my pajamas in the bottom of my bag since they had his "markings" all over them. I had breakfast there and he offered to drive me home but I lived only 5 10 mins away so I decided to walk home. My mom wasn’t home when I got home neither was my sister. I went to my room and just broke down in tears at what he had done. About a week after I couldn’t take crying all the time so I got a knife from the kitchen and cut my arms and my inner thighs I felt so much better to see the blood flow out of the cuts. Well my mom noticed that ive changed but she thought it was just puberty. I passed my birthday 8.22 and school was starting soon. I found that I have like no friends in like any classes and that got me even more depressed and made me want to cut even more.last weekend-9.12 I was talking to my friend (where I spent the night at her house) she asked if I wanted to go to a movie with her Saturday since I haven’t talked to her for 2 1/2 months I didn’t really want to but my mom over heard and thought I should since ive become very antisocial since then so I did she told me to meet her at her house and her parents could drop us off at the movies. When I got there I saw she wasn’t there and that her brother had been on her sn and tricked me I was soo terrified I didn’t want to have it happen again so I tried to leave but he had 3 friends over and he pulled me inside the house and I spent the whole day being raped by them and it Hurt soo much more then before I thought I was going to die since they were too big for me. When I got home I wanted to tell someone but I couldn’t bring myself to face what happened so I went in my room and cut some more. Its been 2 days after they all raped me and I still hurt a bit when I sit and whatever and hes been sending me pics and emails about him. I’m only 13 why would someone do this? I said no over and over, and when I said stop over and over they would do it harder my friends notice im different I dont know what to do so if u have any advice for me please send me an email or im me sometime.-email is death17angel@aol.com sn shadowdeth179-aim
by amandaon 14 Sep 2004

I was 12 years old when it happened to me. They were all right when they told us in school it usualy is done by people you know or are close to.
I was in the 7th grade and just started hanging out with the "wrong crowd" the ones who do drugs and sneek out their windows at night. Well one weekend my friend was staying the night at my house. I was so excited when the phone rang and it was some of our guy friends inviting us to a party. I thought for sure this would make me seem cool to them. I had never done anything like this before and I was a little nervous. We got on our bikes and went to the party. When we got there they said we had taken so long all the alchohol was gone and everyone went home, and all that was left was our friends "R" and "A" we will call them, two of our guy friends. So they were drunk (which I later found out they were not really) and told us to stay for a while, and we did. We eventualy started playing the game truth or dare. They started off inocent. I was first dare to kiss "A" and I did, it was weird, my first kiss. Then "R" was dared to fondle my breasts and I was so nervous but I let him. Things like this went on for a while then they got more in detail. "A" dared me to have kinky sex with "R" I being only 12 had no idea what "kinky" sex was. I asked my friend in a whisper what it meant and she being 13 told me it was sex but with your clothes on. I didn't want to be the first to take a chicken so I said ok not seeing the harm in sex with clothes on. But the look the two guys gave eachother made me nervous. "R" took me in to his cousin's room and turned the lights off, I started wanting to back out, but still was trying to be cool to them. He walked over to me and pushed his toungue in my mouth hard and I didn't like it at all. Then he started to unbutton my shirt and I said "Hey Lacey told me this is with our clothes on." and he said "no kinky means wild real sex" so I immidiately told him nevermind I take a chicken. He said that was not allowed. He went over to the stereo and turned the music on really loud and I knew things were going to get bad. I darted for the door, but it locked from the outside and he had locked it on the way in. I started trembling as he came closer I told him no again but he acted as if he didn't hear me. I was a very petite 12 year old and he was 16 and very big, I hadn't even started my period yet. I fought him at first when he pushed me on the bed but then he pulled me by my feet on to the floor I hit my head..hard..and got very dizzy and I just lay there while he sucked on my breasts. I was so scared he told me to stay quiet even though I wasn't saying anyhting. He started to rub my clitoris untill I became wet and stuck his fingers inside me hard it hurt so bad I fell out of my daze and I screemed. He slapped me and told me they were going to think I was a nerd and a prude if I didn't go along with him. He put me back up on the bed and knelt between my legs and began giving me oral, I hated it I felt so dirty and guilty that I wasn't even trying to stop him anymore. He told me how wet I was and to stop trying to make him think I didn't want him, he said it was because of teasing bitches like me that made guys do this. I thought he was right, after all I did say yes to the dare. He spread my legs apart and tried to push his way inside me, but I was a virgin and it was to hard for him and he wasn't being gentile. I t burned so bad. Then he stopped and I was thankfull. He got mad and cursed me because I was bleeding on his cousins bed. I was terrified I had never bled down there before. He told me all my whining and whimpering was making him go limp and I needed to suck him. I told him no and he said if I didn't he was just going to cram himself inside and not be gentile (not like he was anyways) So I did and I could taste the mettalic taste of blood, my blood, and I gagged. He told me if I puked he would tell the whole school what a whore I was. Then when he was hard again he pushed me on my back again and fingered me till I was wet again. Then he crammed himself inside anyways and I cied so hard it didn't make a sound. He kept thrusting me so hard for what seemed forever (it all took place within three hours) My whole body hurt and I shivered horribly even though I was so hot. I thought my whole body was bleeding but when I looked down I was just dripping in sweat. Finally he came, and got upset when I told him I didn't. He moved back down between my legs and began oral again. He was down there for so long I had an orgasm while crying I felt so guilty cause I thought that must mean I liked it or something. Then he got up and got dressed and helped me dry off, clean up and get dressed. My whole body ached and my legs felt numb I could barely stand. And when we went out to where our friends had been the whole time they laughted at me cause I looked a mess. "A" said "man you must have really enjoid that!" I felt sick. We all went out side and I was convinced to go to the store across the street and steel cigarets for us all. Lacey and I had to ride our bikes home that night. My private burned so bad. I told my friend Lacey what happened when we got back to my house, and she told me we would think of a way to get him back but I said I just wanted to never think of it again (yeah right). I am 20 years old now and I have a husband and two wonderfull babies. The rape has affected me in while I was still growing up I never said no to another guy for fear I would get raped and I was again at 15 by an ex boyfriend. I supress it all and do my best not to think of it but there will always be the haunting dreams and reality. I have never seen a theripist or counsilor, yet sometimes I think I should. I am just trying to go day by day and start over.
by MLSon 13 Sep 2004

Well my mom married this guy when I was 5. Well I trusted him for a while and then I thought "wow how can he be doing this to me?" So I was raped and molested by this man for 8 years. I was too scared to tell anyone so when I turned 13 I finally had enough of it and I finally told. Well I am 15 now and still there hasn't been a court date yet and I am still waiting to put him behind bars. My mom didn't believe me for a whole year, well now she does and she is divorcing him and I live with her.
by caylienon 12 Sep 2004

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